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See how CDO depot drives excellent solutions with pre-built ML
models to drive business outcomes within a short period.



Detect building cracks, water damage, and other hazards by using computer vision making inspections which are safer and easier.



Enhance reputation, grow revenue and profitability using ML-based reputation management, dynamic pricing, and demand forecasting.



Identify risks, and improve decisions by reading, analyzing, and comparing contracts using AI to deliver business-critical insights at your fingertips.



Harness the power of unstructured data with ML-powered ETL pipelines accelerating data transformation



Actionable savings recommendations, negotiating leverage, and supply chain risk mitigation for procurement



Capture lost revenue by identifying, predicting, and capturing missed charges, boosting revenue cycle integrity in healthcare

Data Enrichment

All marketers know that the key to growing your business is about getting your company’s information delivered into the hands of your prime prospect. We’ll help you succeed with our marketing database hygiene and enrichment process. Our system will transform your data into a marketing powerhouse. When you market to complete, accurate, and clean customer and prospecting records, you’ll set your business on the road to success.

Data Hygiene

  • Email Hygiene
    Identify email records in your customer file that are inaccurate or a SPAM trap threat
  • Postal Hygiene
    Identify and replace inaccurate postal addresses within your customer file
  • Telephone Standardization
    Validate telephone numbers by removing nonexistent area codes and extra digits.
  • Reactivation Model
    Identify the greatest win-back prospects within your disengaged audience

Contact Append

  • Email Append
    Add accurate email addresses to your offline database
  • Reverse Append
    Add postal address information to your online database
  • Individual Contact Append
    Add contact information to your prospect file and hit lists
  • Cookie
    Add digital cookie to your target audience to enable display advertising

Firmographic Append

  • Industry, SIC 2 & 4 Digit Append
    Add general and granular industry and SIC data to your customer and prospecting files
  • Employee Size Append
    Add employee size data at the corporate or site level to your customer and prospecting files
  • Sales Volume Append
    Add key sales volume data to your customer and prospecting files
  • IP Address
    Add digital IP identification to your target audience to enable account based display advertising

Demographic Append

  • Lifestyle Append
    Identify customers and prospects based on their lifestyle interests
  • App Download Append
    Identify customers and prospects that have downloaded apps from a variety of categories
  • Household Append
    Add key household data to your customer and prospecting files
  • Basic Demographic
    Add essential demo data to your customer and prospecting files

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